With the support of SMARTc, I’m working for a research project that aims to implement a tool derived from PK / PD modeling, in a strategy for dosage regimen individualization in routine oncology practice. It is a population -based approach, using mathematical tools (nomogram kinetic, Bayesian methods). Our study will focus on the molecule that are symbolic of cytotoxic chemotherapy (cisplatin, methotrexate) as well as the targeted oral therapies (imatinib, dasatinib, sunitinib, cabozantinib) in the treatment of solid or haematological tumors in adult patients. The principal objective is to develop a tool, for each of these molecules, supported to design and optimizing of dosage regimen by identifying individual pharmacokinetic parameters, with a limited number of observation obtained in the routine therapeutic drug monitoring. This population approach allows to correct the dosage in order to archive the optimal plasma levels, that ensure the maximum efficacy and reduce over-toxicity.

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